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About Us

Alamanah Travels is renowned Travel agent based in London for providing Umrah deals all inclusive of direct and indirect flights, quick visa confirmation, and 5-star luxury accommodations

Our Vision

Our ultimate mission is to be able to create longterm, trustable, valuable and transparent relationship in order to provide satisfactory services for consumers around the globe.


Alamanah Travel UK has been one of the leading umrah package provider based in London since last 5 years. Our vast network with airlines, hotels and transfer providers makes use able to serve pilgrims with best resources to make unbeatable umrah packages.We have expanded our network all over the UK & Saudi Arabia in order to provide seamless facilities to pilgrims to plan their trips. Willing pilgrims can chose their Umrah packages from vast variety of five star, four star and three star hotel, Economy, business or first class tickets, and luxurious transfer. Our business model is focused on your comfort as our online presence makes you able to book, change the schedule, make the payment as easy as you like. Our aim is to provide services which are completely customisable and to provide flexible payment plans.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide highest value of hard earnings of our clients with great satisfactory services where they can get multiple recommendations to chose their packages, our expected reward for unmatchable services is to have continuous customers loyalty towards our company.

Core Values

Transparency, straightforwardness and integrity in our work are the basic values for our dealings with clients, creating trustworthy environment by being their to meet all their requirements of umrah packages, helping them in difficult time and do whatever deemed within our abilities.experience in travel industry specially umrah make us able to solve all complicated situations within given time to meet the satisfaction level of our clients


To enhance the client satisfaction by providing immense service quality. Connecting with clients on more individualistic level and addressing all aspects of their umrah journey. Dealing customers with courtesy, efficiently and professionally at a time. Providing all relevant information regards to umrah packages beforehand to make sure that every aspect of the journey is dealt. Keeping our clients up to date with all relevant travel news through our social media channels and WhatsApp. Providing our clients with all information in regards to changes to global travel requirements effecting any umrah trips as soon as this impact their journey. Our common objective is to provide best umrah travel deals and meeting all their requirements until they are back from their journey.

Alamanah Travels is renowned for providing Umrah deals all inclusive of direct and indirect flights, quick visa confirmation, and 5-star luxury accommodations.

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